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Product Notice

The new minimum username length is five characters so if yours is less than that, congratulations! You’re grandfathered into what’ll be a paid feature later (this is to help prevent/limit squatters).

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Product Update (Major)

That April 1st release obviously never happened as we are five whole months past that original deadline. Timing is hard.

The Socii Dispatch is still being written but the new and improved Socii is finally here. With that said, there are a couple of sore spots/known issues to mention (this list is also the priority of issues to fix):

  • Dark Mode is not being applied to all aspects of Socii
  • CORS issues:
    • Changing your profile picture is not reflected in the UI but your image is still being uploaded to our back-end. Just click “save” and view your profile right after.
    • Safari has…quirks and while Firefox/Chrome/Edge have no problem viewing the site, Safari does.
  • Nested lists do not display correctly
  • Replying to a post activates a “favorite” at the same time
  • Loading indicators are not present when loading the global/profile feeds
  • The Notifications page is displaying a 404
  • JSON Feeds are absent for profiles

There are sure to be more issues of varying severity but the new architecture allows for swift rectification unlike Socii 1.0.

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Hello Sean

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Product Preview

To enable both a better user and developing experience, Socii has been rebuilt from the ground up. The foundation for the network itself is being solidified but the marketing site is ready for release.

We are aiming for an April 1st release of the new hotness, if not the first week of April.

For the curious, the new architecture replaces six microservices with a single API and moves all logic currently happening server-side to the API as well. What’s left is a snappy single-page application.

Decoupling the logic from the network enables us to iterate quickly and efficiently going forward.

A Socii Dispatch will be sent after this relaunch of sorts, with lessons learned along the way.

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Product Update (Minor)

The marketing site for Socii has been rewritten from Express to choo and fastify in an effort to make things more snappy around here.

Also, there’s a nifty microphone next to the logo that’ll play the pronounciation of Socii.

Voice efforts courtesy of @sincerely_shantelle.

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Product Update

Notifications are now LIVE. When you favorite or respond to a post, the author will get a beautifully simple email stating such.

The notifications tab is still empty for now but we could not wait to ship the workable part of this feature.

@ mention support for notifications will come shortly.

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Product Announcement

We have updated our policy page for information about GDPR: https://socii.network/policies

You are encouraged to check it out (it’s really short).

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Product Update

Every profile is now equipped with JSON Feed support! Created by Manton Reece and Brent Simmons, JSON Feed aims to be the new RSS.

To access your feed (or others), append /feed to a user’s profile page. Here’s an example:


Your feed is now available for whatever you wish to use it for. Maybe you want to display your latest posts on your personal site? Have a customized dashboard? Put ‘er there!

Socii is a social network, yes, but not one that wants to keep you on it all the time. Your data is yours.

Have fun!

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Product Update

It may not seem like it but Socii has been refined and refurbished under the hood. Here is a list of what has been fixed/added:

  • General improvements and enhancements (lol)
  • Email addresses can now have + and . characters, perfect for having multiple accounts and using email aliases
  • When posts are deleted, favorite and reply counts are accurate
  • When a post with replies is deleted, the replies lose the reply icon
  • Implementation of reposting is canceled, discussion here
  • Message flasher (for lack of better description) has a reasonable z-index now. No more covering navigation menus.
  • Post preview button is now disabled when no text has been entered, bug report here
  • New post modal now matches language with the button that triggers it, bug report here
  • Visual issues regarding the Markdown help have been fixed
  • Increased character count for “optimal display”
  • New post modal and reply box is now fully responsive

It is worth mentioning again that general improvements and enhancements have been made. Hopefully, you will find Socii to be more stable.

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Product Update

Avatar uploads are finally good. Images are also resized upon upload before optimazation. This took quite a bit of time to figure out and now we have an excellent base for photo uploads in posts.

Thanks for your patience!

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